Silly PuTTY

SSH connections on Windows are best managed through PuTTY, although the client only allows one connection per window. For marshalling many PuTTY instances, PuTTY Connection Manager is my preferred option (other window managers are available, including superputty).

Unfortunately the URL of the PuTTY Connection Manager website is returning 403 Forbidden, and there don't appear to be any mirrors of the last build that was released. doesn't have the download page archived, so there are no checksums available to verify my own archive. I've hosted the most stable version here for posterity: Putty Connection Manager 0.7.1 Alpha

If you already have this software installed, it is no longer able to check for updates from the target domain. If "automatically check for updates" is on and PuTTY Connection Manager crashes at startup, set this registry value to 0:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ACS\PuTTY Connection Manager