A truly superb list of aspirational qualities for software developers. It includes symptoms of each particular quality and guidelines on how to acquire the desired traits.

Signs that you're a good programmer 1. The instinct to experiment first 2. Emotional detachment from code and design 3. Eager to fix what isn't broken 4. Fascinated by the incomprehensible 5. Compelled to teach Signs that you're a fantastic programmer 1. Incorruptible patience 2. A destructive pursuit of perfection 3. Encyclopedic grasp of the platform 4. Thinks In Code 5. When In Rome, Does As Romans Do 6. Creates their own tools Signs that you're destined for more 1. Indifferent to Hierarchy 2. Excited by failure 3. Indifferent to circumstances 4. Unswayed by obligations 5. Substitutes impulse for commitment 6. Driven by experiences